Family Program

Family Therapy

Eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions are family diseases; as such, the family’s role in the treatment process is a vital part of recovery. Additionally, research shows that rates of recovery are significantly higher for clients whose families participate in the treatment process. Magnolia Creek’s family program is designed to provide education, advocacy, and therapy for the family members of our clients. Initially, our clients meet with their therapist (and treatment team) to establish family and relationship goals; clients identify the family members or support system with whom they would like to work in family therapy. Therapists are available for phone or in-person sessions.

Family Workshop

The Family Workshop is a multi-day, intensive process. Participants are required to attend all three days, to minimize disruption and to maximize the full benefit of this closed program. Among other things, the Family Workshop program provides eating disorder and mental health education, communication and boundary setting techniques, interactive groups, and family therapy sessions. Each night, family members and clients have “homework” designed to stimulate self-exploration, therapeutic discussion, and conflict resolution. Additionally, workshop participants share meals with their loved ones, participate in a private family therapy session, and have an opportunity to meet members of our staff.