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We believe in you and your recovery. Our private, homelike setting is a perfect place to make the changes you need in your life. And our low client-to-staff ratio paired with our multidisciplinary approach insures you get the personal care and attention you need.

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We specialize in YOU. We only treat women who have eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. Our customized care plans provide you with the tools to address your medical, nutritional, psychological, spiritual, social-emotional, and behavioral needs to recover and thrive.

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What They Say About Us

Before entering Magnolia Creek, I felt like there wasn't much future or hope for my life. Magnolia Creek taught and gave me tools so I can function and get my life back...They believed in me, and I learned to believe in myself. - Former Magnolia Creek Client

Magnolia Creek was of tremendous help to me. It provided me with new coping skills to continue in recovery and in a healthy direction. - Former Magnolia Creek Client

Magnolia Creek is an answered prayer to so many women like me. - Former Magnolia Creek Client

How do you thank someone who has given you their life back? I can't even put into words how much you all mean to me. Magnolia Creek was a gift from God! - Former Magnolia Creek Client

You making this program has saved my life. My gratitude knows no bounds. Thank you for believing in me! - Former Magnolia Creek Client

Everyone was so helpful and thoughtful. I really learned a lot while I was there about nutrition and my body as a whole, physically and spiritually. - Former Magnolia Creek Client

Our family is truly blessed by what you are doing at Magnolia Creek. Words cannot express how much we appreciate the entire staff. - Family of Former Client

Just wanted to let you know that everything's going great, and I'm not letting myself disappear. (My living situation) is ideal and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for helping me learn to love life. - Former Magnolia Creek Client

Please know that we appreciate all that you and the staff have done for [our daughter]!! We couldn't have asked for better care for her...we feel very lucky she had this experience. - Family of Former Client

Everyone did a remarkable job. [My wife] has really done great since she has been home. - Family of Former Client

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to help all these women here overcome their battle with ED. Each one of you has made (my) stay very comfortable and the recovery process meaningful. - Former Magnolia Creek Client

I never felt as much support at a treatment center as I did at Magnolia Creek...when I wanted to give up on myself, the staff didn't! - Former Magnolia Creek Client

You are changing people's lives. There is no greater thing than what you all are doing...Thank you for treating [our daughter] with respect and helping her recover herself back. What a gift you have given to us. We can never say thank you enough. - Family of Former Client

The staff counselors and nurses are amazing!!! Don't let them go. - Former Magnolia Creek Client

We are very pleased and impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of the staff - a very compassionate, warm, caring group. The setting couldn't be better - a tranquil, soothing environment, perfectly suited to healing. - Family of Former Client

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October 19, 2017

There is More to Bulimia Nervosa

By Angela Nix, Family Therapist Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by a cycle of eating substantial amounts of...

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October 19, 2017

Social Media’s Impact on Eating Disorders

By Laura Cordova Social media is one of the greatest communication tools and has changed the way we engage with one...

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