Levels of Care

Residential Program

Magnolia Creek’s residential program offers the highest level of care and the closest amount of supervision and support. Residential treatment provides a structured, constant, and stable environment in which our client can restore their physical and psychological health.

As clients improve in health and strengthen their commitment to recovery, they gradually receive less supervision and gain more autonomy. The program emphasizes goal setting and continually recognizes progress, helping clients transition smoothly toward life beyond the eating disorder.

Continuous Care & Constant Support

The program runs seven days a week, with clients residing on-site with staff nursing and support staff on-site 24 hours a day. Clients participate in both individual and group therapy and meet regularly with the program’s medical director, nurses, and dietitians. All meals and snacks are provided for by the center, including outings.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization (PHP), also known as Day Treatment, allows clients to begin a life outside of treatment, facing everyday triggers and challenges while still receiving a strong level of professional care. Clients apply the skills they learn in treatment to their daily lives, receiving regular feedback and support to gain confidence as they transition out of treatment.

Off-site Living with Therapeutic Support

The standard PHP schedule runs weekdays from 7:30 AM to 6:30PM, but the schedule may be extended or shortened as needed. Clients reside off-site and can live in our furnished apartments nearby with transportation provided.

Clients participate in both individual and group therapy and also meet regularly with the program’s medical director, nurse practitioner, and dietitian. They receive some meals and snacks at the center during daily programming and are provided the opportunity to prepare meals and engage in learned coping skills at home in the evenings. As treatment progresses, programming schedules shorten to promote further independence and additional opportunities to practice learned skills in a less structured environment.