Nutrition Therapy Program

A spread of food to represent the nutrition therapy program or nutrition program at Magnolia CreekClients meet with Magnolia Creek’s dietitians weekly and complete food and feelings logs after each meal and snack. As progress is made, clients gain freedom and responsibility related to meal planning, preparation, and dining. Clients follow proper hygienic procedures while preparing and handling food, including wearing gloves. The skills gained in this nutrition therapy program help clients maintain recovery after treatment.


Staff members weigh clients in private on a balanced scale at the time of their admission to treatment and every morning thereafter. Clients do not see their weights.


Magnolia Creek’s dietitians and physician work collaboratively to establish an appropriate exercise regimen for each client (based on her physical assessment, current nutritional status, and identified treatment needs). We offer a variety of exercise options, such as yoga, mindful movement, gentle movement, walking, dance, and light strength training.

Fluid Intake Guidelines

Unless otherwise contracted, clients drink 16oz of water at meals and 8oz of water at snacks, and after exercising. Clients also drink one 16oz bottle of water throughout the day and can connect with their dietitian to consume additional water. Magnolia Creek’s dietitians may prescribe clients to drink 2% milk, soymilk, Mighty Shake, Ensure, or fruit juice in addition to the water requirements.

Meal Guidelines

Clients have a certain amount of control of their nutrition program. A food exception refers to one specific food (e.g., cauliflower, salmon), NOT a food group or generalized group (e.g., vegetables, meat). Each week, clients may except up to three foods from the lunch/dinner menu. Magnolia Creek’s dietitians select food substitutions that are nutritionally equivalent to excepted food. By Sunday, clients complete their breakfasts and snack menus for the upcoming week.

Once a week, clients may also choose to substitute a peanut butter and jelly sandwich-carrots-fruit meal for one entire meal (clients do not substitute for desserts). After the dietitian reviews menus, clients and other staff members do not make changes to menus or meals. Clients who are vegetarian or gluten-free must present a medical practitioner’s order, prior to admission, to continue this lifestyle at Magnolia Creek. Magnolia Creek recognizes all food allergies diagnosed by medical practitioners.

Meal and Snack Outings

Each week, clients who are medically approved attend group meal and snack outings with Magnolia Creek’s dietitians, therapists, and PCTs. Clients practice dining in public, eating food prepared by unknown people, determining appropriate portions, and ordering challenging foods. Dietitians provide instruction and/or portion size recommendations, as needed.

Comprehensive Therapy Options at Magnolia Creek

Magnolia Creek provides a range of therapeutic options in addition to our nutrition therapy program. To learn more, contact us at 866-318-2329.