By: Kristin Canan

Dear Friend,

You’re tired and weary.  You’re emotionally and physically exhausted, wondering how much longer you can put on the façade.  You question if you are worth the effort, or if life is even worth the effort. At times, you feel on the edge of falling to pieces, so your run harder, and try harder.

But it only works temporarily. You tell yourself you can’t fall apart. You numb deeper, drink more, and isolate. You tell yourself if no one sees, then maybe you’ll be okay or you can hide it.

The harder you try, the more exhausted you become. Your body starts to fight back, and you experience physical symptoms of distress and exhaustion. Stomach aches. Muscle aches. Sleep disturbances. Chronic fatigue. Inability to concentrate. And sometimes worse, the presence of persistent self-deprecating and criticizing thoughts continuously reinforcing you are not enough.

You feel alone, but let me reassure you are seen. You are loved. You are understood. You are not the only one with this feeling. And you never must do this on your own.

I am pained by the things that have happened in your life that have brought you to this place. But more than that, I am pained that you have felt that you should try to navigate this all on your own.

It’s scary to let someone in, but there are people who understand and want to help. Not because you are incapable or incompetent or need to be pitied, but because everyone deserves support. Because healing and recovery are possible.

We have seen it, and know it is possible for you too. We all have experienced struggles, many like yours and some different. We all struggle. We have learned that no matter the struggle, there is always hope. Hope for freedom from the things that have kept us prisoner for so long.

It’s not easy, but it is possible, and there will be risk involved either way – risk in changing and risk in staying where you are. But ask yourself if the risk would be worth it if it meant finding relief from what has consumed you. You decide if the risk in changing is greater than the risk in staying the same.

Regardless of your decision, you deserve the care and support you would provide to someone you love.

So, do something for me:

1)Talk to yourself as you would talk to your child, your good friend, your niece or nephew.

2)Reach out to someone you trust to walk with you through this.

3)Seek further support. You would suggest that to someone you love, and you are worthy of the same compassion.

4)Remind yourself you are not alone anymore.

If you or someone you love is struggling, know that there are people who want to help. Magnolia Creek Treatment Center wants to ensure that no one ever feels like they are alone. We would be honored to walk with you through this journey and assist you in gaining control and your life back. You deserve this compassion and care. To talk with one of our team members about support resources, please reach out to us by calling 205-409-4220 or fill out our contact form.