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    Magnolia - Who We Treat Who We Treat

    Magnolia Creek offers evidence-based, quality care to women 12 years and older dealing with eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions.

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    Magnolia - Levels of Care Levels of Care

    Our Levels of Care programs emphasizes goal setting and continually recognizes progress, helping clients transition smoothly toward life beyond the eating disorder.

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    Magnolia - What to Expect What to Expect

    In our residential eating disorder treatment program, clients can start discovering what works for them. However, clients with a co occurring disorder attend a weekly mental health group while others attend nutrition groups.

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    Magnolia - Who We Treat

    Magnolia Creek - Conditions We Treat

    Conditions We Treat

    The eating disorders we treat span the whole spectrum of those the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) describes, including but not limited to anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.

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    What We Believe In

    • Renew your hope

      We believe in you and your recovery. Our private, homelike eating disorder treatment center is a perfect place to make the changes you need in your life. And our caring and available staff paired with our multidisciplinary approach insures you get the personal attention you need.

    • Restore your health

      We specialize in YOU. We only treat women who have eating disorders and cooccurring conditions. At our eating disorder treatment center, customized care plans provide you with the tools to address your medical, nutritional, psychological, spiritual, social-emotional, and behavioral needs to recover and thrive.

    • Recover your life

      Tucked away deep in the south, Magnolia Creek, just outside of Birmingham, Alabama is a place women gather for treatment, healing and restoration to begin recovery from eating disorders. Eating disorders can include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, diabulimia, body dysmorphia disorders, rumination disorder, pica, and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) and other specified/unspecified eating disorders (OSFED).

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    Magnolia Creek - What we believe in

    Insurance Partners

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    Magnolia Creek strives to offer the highest quality of care at an affordable price. While every insurance policy is different, we work with most major medical and behavioral health insurance plans to help our clients pay for treatment. We offer a simple insurance verification form to make the process as easy as possible. We’re also an in-network provider for BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS), Aetna, and Cigna.

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    Note: We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.


    What Alumni and Families are Saying

    We take pride in being available, present, and compassionate in all client interactions. No matter your state of mind or particular need in a situation, we are here to support you.

    Judy B

    I found Magnolia Creek when I finally admitted I had an eating disorder. I thought for a long time I could fix it myself, but I could not. The staff that was with me in the house were so loving and caring. My treatment team was the BEST. I did not realize what I had done to my body physically and emotionally. I was taken care of medically and now I am enjoying much better health.

    Also, for my treatment team they were always there for me and taught me that I am worthy and that I will live without my eating disorder. The other young girls that were there with me we became a wonderful loving Sisterhood. They were always there for me. I would recommend Magnolia Creek to anyone who is facing an eating disorder. You will find help there and you will be on your road to recovery.

    Judy B

    F Smith

    Magnolia Creek saved me, healed me, and guided me to FREEDOM! I just want to say to others with an eating disorder that there is hope. I had an eating disorder for 14 years and was terrified to go to treatment. Dr. H “talked me into going” :) lol (after many many many calls) lol and giving recovery a fair chance. When I finally got there I had the best team (Maria!, Jessica!, and Leigh-Ann!) work with me and pushed me because they saw my potential!! I am forever grateful and am thinking about going to school for counseling…or nutrition!!! But we all deserve recovery and to be happy!

    F Smith

    John P

    Magnolia Creek is an exceptional treatment facility with knowledgeable and compassionate staff. My daughter has been fighting an eating disorder and other addictions for years and Magnolia Creek is the first place that allowed for her to truly heal, change, and grow into the amazing young women that we knew she could be.

    Our family was included in treatment, and we were given the tools and education that we were lacking and taught the best ways to support our daughter in her recovery. The admissions team was amazing and the clinical director was nothing short of a miracle for us. We have been so blessed to have found this wonderful facility and will be forever thankful for saving our daughter’s life.

    John P
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    As your partner, we provide ongoing guidance and assessment to help navigate your recovery journey.

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