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Frequently Asked Questions

Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Women treats clients (18 years or older) who have a primary diagnosis of a feeding or eating disorder, such as: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, other specified eating disorder, rumination disorder, pica, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, and/or unspecified eating disorder. Similarly, Magnolia Creek offers treatment for mood disorders, substance use disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attachment disorder, adjustment disorder, dissociative disorders, and personality disorders.

What is my first step in the admission process?

The first step is to complete the Inquiry Application through our client portal to verify insurance benefits to make sure Magnolia Creek is an option financially.

Are you a 12-step program?

Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Women is a recovery-based, not addictions- or 12-step- based program. However, many 12-step principles are incorporated into the program. Similarly, clients who choose to do so can participate in both client-led and off-campus 12-step meetings.

Are you a faith-based program?

No; however, Magnolia Creek integrates spirituality into our treatment program in a variety of ways. Additionally, clients who wish to do so have the opportunity to attend/access external spiritual services.

How often will I meet with my therapist?

Clients meet with their therapist up to four times a week; clients meet with their dietitian, psychiatrist, and physician (or nurse practitioner) at least once a week.

Will my family be able to participate?

Yes. Clients invite family members to participate in family therapy sessions and/or family workshops.

How long will I stay?

Each client’s circumstances and treatment needs are different; many of our clients are in treatment between two and four months.

What is a typical day like at Magnolia Creek?

Clients eat three meals and three snacks throughout the day. In between meals and snacks, clients attend psychoeducational, process, experiential, and expressive arts groups; clients meet with members of their treatment team for individual appointments throughout the day. Clients participate in therapeutic and meal outings; community service is another component of our program.

What should I bring to treatment?

Clients wear casual attire; clients are encouraged to bring comfortable walking shoes. Towels and linens are provided by the facility.

How will Magnolia Creek manage my medications?

Clients’ prescription medications are filled by an external, contracted pharmacy. Our nursing staff administers residential clients’ medications; PHP clients administer their own medications, typically.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes. Our facility is spacious and comfortably furnished; clients can expect to have one or two roommates.

What are the meals like at Magnolia Creek?

Meals and snacks are designed and portioned to meet the individual nutritional needs of our clients. Clients eat three meals and three snacks each day. Clients participate in weekly meal and snack outings, and choose meals to prepare during cooking group.

Can you accommodate a vegetarian diet?