Women might be uncertain about visiting an eating disorder treatment center that incorporates spirituality into its therapy. The reason why is that different beliefs are a controversial topic for a lot of women. However, research shows that including spiritual beliefs in treatment can assist with the healing process. Also, spiritual therapy doesn’t have to relate to religion.

Defining Spirituality

The definition of “spirituality” is the search for or a belief in a greater or higher power or existence. In general, this higher power exists beyond humankind. Although this type of belief has a connection to religion, it doesn’t have to. In fact, it can mean the universe itself.

Because of that, experts consider being spiritual as broader than being religious. Instead, it encompasses behavior, emotions, and philosophic and cognitive areas of thought. Some experts describe it as an attempt to understand the meaning of one’s life. However, it also includes happiness and internal awareness.

In many cultures, a spirit is a person’s essence. Because of that, being spiritual can refer to the person’s connection with themselves and others. No matter the definition, being spiritual is unique to each person.

The Difference Between Being Spiritual and Being Religious

In order to better understand spiritual therapy, it’s important to know how spirituality differs from religion. Basically, religion is a practice. On the other hand, a spirit is something that simply is.

Religious beliefs usually incorporate regular activities. Some of these include going to church and praying. However, each religion has its own activities. In general, though, people show their belief in the higher power through acts of reverence and faith.

Despite that, not everyone has to practice a religion to be spiritual. Instead, the source of their spiritual essence could be their ethics, values, or anything that gives their lives meaning. For example, many people don’t attend church but still strongly believe in a higher power. Some of them meditate, write in a journal, or practice yoga to express their connection to the greater world.

The Connection Between Spiritual Wellness and Health

People’s spirits have an effect on their overall well-being, which is what spiritual therapy addresses. In fact, spiritual health is one part of total wellness. The other elements are physical, emotional, and mental health.

All of these elements connect with each other. When something isn’t right with one of them, it can have a negative impact on another one. For instance, a physical condition can cause emotional turmoil. Similarly, a spiritual imbalance can have a negative impact on mental well-being.

While some people connect with nature to develop their spiritual wellness, others may connect with people. Living a fulfilling life is another way to nurture spiritual wellness. In any case, it involves a link between them and something greater than themselves. Spiritual therapy helps people find a greater power or meaning to live for.

Benefits of Spiritual Therapy

Since spiritual wellness has a connection to overall health, having good spiritual health is important. For that reason, spiritual therapy completes the whole-person approach to mental health recovery. There are numerous benefits too.

For example, people with good spiritual health are hopeful, even in difficult situations and have a strong sense of self-worth. These are very important traits to develop in women recovering from eating disorders. Many of them feel hopeless and feel like they aren’t worth anything. Spiritual therapy can turn that around.

In addition, healthy spiritual wellness can help people develop empathy and compassion for others. They may find it easier to forgive themselves and others who have wronged them as well. Most of all, they gain peace, harmony, and healthy values that they can live by.

Get Spiritual Therapy at Magnolia Creek

Are you in a bad place spiritually? Do you also have an eating disorder? Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Eating Disorders is a recovery center for women. Along with spiritual therapy, we use a range of services to help you heal, such as:

In addition to evidence-based and holistic therapies, Magnolia Creek offers dual diagnosis treatment. If you have a mental illness alongside an eating disorder, we can help. Some of the mental issues that we can treat include anxiety, depression, trauma, and personality disorder.

Don’t let your spiritual wellness suffer because of an eating disorder. Get the spiritual therapy and eating disorder treatment that you need. Contact Magnolia Creek at 205-614-3743 to begin your journey to recovery.