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Healthy You: Healthy Eating in Eating Disorder Recovery

According to ANRED, about 20% of people diagnosed with a serious eating disorder die without treatment, with the proper treatment about 60% of people recover. As an eating disorder progresses, individuals develop unhealthy eating habits. Eating disorders such as anorexia are characterized by self-starvation, and bulimia by overeating and purging. Those patients seeking the proper…

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Common Medical Complications of Eating Disorders

By: Debbie Diehl, RN  Patients with suspected eating disorders can present with multiple signs and symptoms.  Eating Disorder patients will have cognitive, behavioral and physical signs and symptoms. In patients with Eating Disorders you will see the restricting of food or fluids, binge-eating and or purging behaviors. Nutritional deficiencies will be common because of these…

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What is Major Depressive Disorder?

By: Magnolia Creek Staff Major Depressive Disorder feels like a consistent fog, persistent sadness, physical exhaustion, repeated self-criticizing thoughts about your lack of worth, hopelessness about the future or your ability to feel better, and is characterized by: Not engaging in activities that once provided joy Isolation Withdrawing from loved ones Lack of motivation Inability…