The severity of a client’s eating disorder may require a more intensive level of care than

can be provided by outpatient programs. Referral to a higher level of care is typically warranted based on at least one the following:

  • Chronic physiological signs (based on one or more of the following):
  1. heart rate <40 bpm
  2. blood pressure <90/60mm Hg
  3. glucose <60mg/dl
  4. potassium <3 meq/liter
  5. electrolyte imbalance
  6. temperature <96.0 degrees F
  7. dehydration
  8. hepatic, renal or cardiovascular organ compromise requiring acute treatment
  • Inability to maintain a BMI of at least 18
  • Inability to “break the cycle” of chronic eating disorder behavior
  • Inability to engage in effective outpatient therapy

Adapted from University of Notre Dame