I am sitting in my car outside of Philadelphia having just finished watching the images of devastation that Sandy brought to the people of the east coast. I grew up here, vacationed on the Jersey shore, visited New York to play and shop. I am reminded of the impact of storms like Katrina on the people all over the country and world. What I know is that the human heart is resilient and as Bruce Springsteen sang last night at the Country Music Awards, we will stand up. We are thrivers not only survivors.

My family owns a house in Atlantic City and as of today we are unable to get back into the city. My expectations are not high for the property as the house sat a block from the inlet area where many of the images of washed out homes and destroyed jetties have been posted on the Internet and TV. I sit by the screen hoping to catch a glimpse of our past, grateful to have a future. I know so many people have lost loved ones, including the future they hoped for in the lives of their children. I hope today that we all take an inventory of all that we are blessed to call our own. Although we all struggle with the pains of loss, today let us bow our heads and offer love and hope to the people who have lost so much in our extended American family. Let us nourish them with these prayers of giving.