The holidays can be a difficult time of year, especially for those in recovery. Without a helpful recovery protection plan, an individual may be at risk for potential relapse. The staff at Magnolia Creek would like to offer a few tips to aid in navigating the holiday season:

-Food is typically an integral part of holiday get-togethers. Discuss the holiday menu with your dietitian and your family members prior to major event or meals to ensure what’s being served fits your meal plan! 

-If you’re attending a holiday party/event and are unsure if what’s being served fits your meal plan, bring your own food and bring enough for everyone, so you don’t feel awkward about the situation. 

-Plan ahead of time how you will stick to your meal plan as closely as possible, but forgive yourself if you make a mistake! Practice being flexible.

When at holiday parties, give yourself permission to leave and/or step outside in order to reframe, breathe, and ground yourself when triggered or feeling overwhelmed.

-Establish a support system BEFORE holiday get-togethers, and avoid “good food”/”bad food” talk with others. If you don’t feel that you will have adequate support around an event, don’t be a afraid to decline the invitation. 

-Use healthy coping skills. Journal about what it is like to be around food, family, and friends. Find time for daily meditation. Read recovery literature. Ask for support.

-For those involved in 12-Step meetings, make sure to include meetings in your holiday plans! Many 12-Step groups increase their meeting times during the holidays, so don’t be afraid to lean on the fellowship for support.

Continue working with your dietitian and therapist through the holidays so that he or she can continue to offer you support and accountability. Don’t forget that your treatment team is available!