I am elated to announce the wonderful changes that are happening at Magnolia Creek!

I would like to introduce our new Clinical Director, Amanda Elkin. Amanda comes to Magnolia Creek with a clinical background in working with women with eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction and trauma.  Amanda has expanded our staff to include new members in the clinical team- therapists, dieticians and nurses! Combined with our existing staff and new employees, Magnolia Creek and OBH are fostering our vision is a commitment to growth with the core values recognizing the dignity of our clients and staff, ethics and boundaries, quality service, teamwork servant leadership and fiscal responsibility.

Our goal of providing the vision is moving forward. I have invited our staff to author future blogs so that you can learn more about our team and what is important to them. By staying connected through our website.

We have also promoted a number of key staff within Magnolia Creek. Michelle is our new Intake Specialist. She adds her compassion and caring for clients to the intake process. Wonderful Shameka is our Clinical Coordinator and Loni will now use her experience as an eating disorder, addictions and domestic violence therapist in her work with clients at Magnolia Creek. Jane is now promoted to the position of Associate Therapist. Jane is brilliant and a woman of compassion and I am awed by what she does with our clients. I applaud all of their hard work and dedication to Magnolia Creek. They are true team players!

While Will is traveling and studying in Ireland, our new Chef Roscoe continues to make his mark on the program. His focus on local foods, seasonal produce and garden to table food preparation has added a unique flavor to our program. Roscoe, a professional artist is also contributing to our program with his knowledge of art including the artistic pleasure of food and what is does for our soul.

With the support of Onward Behavioral Health, our parent company, Magnolia Creek has begun construction on our new administrative offices. With this addition, we will have much needed space for our administrative team and more importantly, we will be able to provide expanded clinical space for our clients. Look for future blogs with pictures of this wonderful addition.

On December 16, Magnolia Creek will host an open house and Guy Murray, CEO and the leadership of Onward Behavioral Health is attending. Our chefs are creating wonderful treats and our staff will be here to meet and greet. Please join us for this wonderful day of sharing and new beginnings at Magnolia Creek.

Finally, I am Dr. Susan Campling the new Executive Director of Magnolia Creek. I came on board in August and have been given this wonderful opportunity to help steer this program to new and wonderful opportunities for growth.

I look forward to all of the best that life has to offer for our clients, staff, families and friends!