Every year is special around the holidays, but this year it was even more spectacular!

Our clients began decorating the house the Saturday following Thanksgiving. They each picked decorations, came up with a design plan and decided where each ornament and decoration should go. After a day of designing, decorating, watching holiday classics and singing carols, Magnolia Creek is now ready for the holidays. From the lawn to the front door, from the tree to the mantle, everything is decorated!

Our tree this year was beautifully decorated by our clients. Our tree is very tall, reaching almost 12 feet high. Underneath the tree, lies about 20 poinsettias. Each ornament was hung with gold ribbons and perfectly placed. And to finish off, our wonderful staff wrapped presents to go under the tree.

decorated staircaseOur staircase looks very elegant. With our client’s design, they used live garland and decorated the bannister and loft area. The bannister is decorated with live garland that smells like the season and beautiful ribbons that our client’s made.

two red chairsBright and festive chairs now sit on the lawn, in the middle of leaves and under the trees. This setting is perfect for meditation or a therapy session outdoors this season. Although this is perfect for the season, these red chairs brighten our lawn all year round.

This is just a small glimpse at our beautiful facility. From Our Home to Yours, Happy Holidays from Magnolia Creek!