When you want eating disorder treatment for yourself or a woman you love, sifting through many options proves overwhelming. So how do you narrow your field of options to the right ones? What are the qualities of the best eating disorder treatment programs?

You Need Individualized Treatment

When you seek help for your eating disorder, the best eating disorder treatment programs include individualized treatment planning. You bring your own unique history, needs, and interests with you to treatment. Therefore, you also need therapies and other methods designed to meet your specific needs.

One such important factor is treatment designed for women. Women experience an entirely different path in life when compared to men. Your path includes what society expects of women as well as the pressures those expectations put on your shoulders. You even put specific expectations onto yourself, even though some may be unrealistic.

Besides needing help designed for women, you need strong ties to your peers in treatment. Being around other women for your recovery helps you build these important bonds to drive you toward your goals. Women in treatment support each other, provide mutual understanding, and help each other get through tough times.

Individualized treatment plans give you the specific therapies you need, not what someone else needs. Your eating disorder possibly comes with health problems or even a dual diagnosis with other conditions. How you suffer your disorder is your suffering alone. Likewise, you need a treatment plan that helps you overcome your specific struggles.

Levels of Care in the Best Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

Eating disorders pose many unique issues in treatment. So the best eating disorder treatment programs meet these needs. Among those important issues is the need to establish healthy eating patterns and nutrition. This does not happen overnight, often requiring close supervision of your diet in the early days of treatment.

This is why residential treatment or a partial hospitalization program (PHP) works best for most women with eating disorders. Through these types of programs, you gain the close support and guidance you need to build new, healthy eating patterns.

You need help from dieticians, psychiatrists, and therapists as part of each day. You also need access to a mix of therapies. Together, these form a busy program of treatment throughout each day, making residential or PHP treatment the best fit for recovery from eating disorders.

Specific Therapies You Need for Your Eating Disorder Recovery

To truly heal your eating disorder and develop a healthy self-image, you need specific therapies. You also need to help your family heal, as problems like these affect every member of your household. Therapies to look for in the best eating disorder treatment programs include:

You find these therapies and the levels of care you need in a standout among Alabama eating disorder treatment programs. At Magnolia Creek, your eating disorder recovery takes place among other women just like you. Call Magnolia Creek now at 205-409-4220 to learn more about available programs.