A Poem by a Magnolia Creek Client

In a world full of lonesome and drama

Where I continuously feel alone

I can’t find the right words and meanings 

Or the correct path to go down


Riddled by low self esteem

And caught in the muddle of thought

My mind races around and around

And I can’t help but let go


However the past has gone now

And my future ahead looks bright

I have the heart and the courage 

To make it through another night


I know I can flip the story

And start a new chapter in my book

Find ways to feel truly happy

Not based on the way I look


I could write raps, write poems and create art

All relating to how I feel

I’m starting to feel real good at heart

Allowing myself to heal


Connect myself through nature

Appreciating the world around me

Not comparing my self value to him or her

Just looking at God’s beauty I see


Spend more quality time with friends

And have laughs and fun with family

I no longer wish for my life to end

That’s not the definition of me


Channel thought and energy to production 

Create a genuinely happy version of me

Not let the violators act as suction

And take a tight grip of me


I’m learning to deal with my thoughts now

I feel peace and contentment inside

I don’t overanalyze who, what and who

And my pain I no longer hide


I’m a passionate and refreshed new person

My imperfections and flaws are alright

My uniqueness brings out a big bright sun

And I’m no longer scared of the night


– Magnolia Creek Client