Magnolia Creek offers two levels of care to our clients: a residential program, and a partial hospitalization program. Typically, clients start in residential care and then step down into the partial hospitalization program. However, in some cases, clients may begin treatment in partial hospitalization. The schedule for the partial hospitalization program is similar to that of our residential treatment schedule, with the exception that clients spend evenings and nights at The Cottage.

The chart below outlines the key differences between the two programs.

Program HoursSunday-Saturday 24 hoursSunday-Saturday 8:30 am -5:30 pm
Minimum Length of Stay30 days30 days
HousingOn-Site“The Cottage” at Magnolia Creek
Meals3 meals a day

2 snacks

3 meals a day

2 snacks

Nursing CareOn-site 24 hoursAvailable as needed
Nurse PractitionerWeeklyAs Needed
Primary Therapist2 times per week1 time per week
Family TherapistOnce a weekOnce a week
Therapy Groups & Classes30 hours per week20 hours per week
Medical StatusMust be Medically Stable
MedicationsAdministered by Nursing StaffSelf-Medicating

Nursing Staff Available