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FREEDOM 3:17 | Christian Eating Disorder Treatment Program

At Magnolia Creek, we believe spirituality plays a role in the care and treatment of eating disorders and/or co-occurring mental health conditions. We welcome ALL faiths and beliefs at Magnolia Creek, and for those who desire, we have created a Christian Pathway for your journey to recovery.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” – 2 Corinthians 3:17 (NIV)

At Magnolia Creek, we believe one’s faith is a central force in their healing process. Our treatment specialists our Christian eating disorder treatment program, Freedom 3:17, believe that “Just as Christ first loved us, we should actively serve the needs of those who battle eating disorders and mental health conditions as well as their families and others committed to their care.” Our clinically excellent staff is available to meet with clients to discuss issues of the spirit and a daily devotional time is scheduled at the beginning and end of each day during your stay at Magnolia Creek. Our Clinical Director, Dr. Danielle Cornia, refers to this as the “bookends to begin and end your days of personal and spiritual growth.”

Freedom 3:17 at Magnolia Creek encourages spiritual reflection opportunities. We provide a faith-based group lead by what we call Sojourners, which is a fellow traveler that helps guide the journey. Consisting of our staff members and clinically excellent clinicians, our sojourners believe women can weave biblical principles and spiritual living into the beautiful tapestry that leads them to freedom and recovery. Although this pathway is Christian-based, clients from a variety of faiths and backgrounds have been through our residential and partial hospitalization programs and have felt respected and comfortable while participating in the program.

Magnolia Creek respects those who do not wish to make faith, religion, spirituality, or Christianity a part of their treatment at our facility. Our caring admissions counselors and primary therapists will help to find an individualized treatment plan that will meet you right where you are. Our goal is to welcome you with an environment for healing that is judgment-free, full of grace, and where we meet clients where they are.

Faith-Focused Healing at Magnolia Creek

Our compassionate team wants you to use what drives you to help you recover. For this reason, we offer our Christian eating disorder program, Freedom 3:17, for those whose Christian faith is important to them. We also offer the following programs alongside our Christian Pathway:

Our comfortable, home-like environment can provide you with the hope you need to pursue recovery. To learn more about our programs, including our Christian eating disorder treatment program, reach out to Magnolia Creek at 205-409-4220 today.

Christian Faith Based Treatment

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