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At Magnolia Creek, our staff strives to create an individualized care plan that meets the psychological, medical, nutritional, and spiritual needs of our clients. Our residential and partial hospitalization facility offers evidence-based treatment programs to women 12 and older. Finding treatment for an eating disorder can be an uncomfortable process, but our trained admissions staff is standing by to give you a free and confidential assessment. You can overcome your eating disorder.

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Worldwide, up to 20 million women may have an eating disorder


    According to research, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. To break it down more specifically, let’s look at the statistics of the lifetime prevalence of eating disorders in women.

    20 million women will suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder in their lifetime, of these 20 million it is estimated that:

    • .5% to 3.7% will suffer from anorexia
    • 1% to 4.2% will suffer from bulimia
    • 5% will suffer from binge eating disorder
    Alumni Laurens story who recovered from bulima and anoxeria

    Individualized Treatment

    Our therapists offer our clients individualized support as they deeply explore contributing factors related to their eating disorders. They also encourage clients to be active participants in their own treatment journey. Doing so motivates our clients toward lasting recovery.

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