What Trauma Is

Trauma is a harmful event or circumstances that have lasting adverse effects on a person’s social, emotional, physical, or spiritual well-being. What is traumatic for one person may not necessarily be traumatic for another. However, once people experience something that is traumatic for them, they require trauma treatment to recover fully.

What We Treat

In our trauma treatment at Magnolia Creek, we address issues of trauma and abuse (sexual, emotional, verbal, and physical), as well as neglect. We also treat post-traumatic stress disorder, acute stress disorder, and adjustment disorder.

Our Treatment Philosophy

At Magnolia Creek, we strive to offer strengths-based, comprehensive trauma treatment, that incorporates elements of spirituality, nutrition, art, movement/exercise, and also psychotherapy. We also use pharmacology when appropriate. We over three individual group sessions each week and four psychoeducational groups each day.  In addition to these session, clients meet weekly with the staff psychiatrist, psychologist, dietitian, family therapist, and clinical director.

Goals for Therapy

The goals for each client in trauma treatment include the following:

  • A woman participates in a trauma treatment program Birmingham Alabama residents recommendLearn and implement adaptive grounding skills
  • Identify patterns of trauma reactions (based on the work of Patrick Carnes)
  • Recognize safe and unsafe situations/people
  • Set appropriate inter- and intra-personal boundaries
  • Reduce trauma-related shame
  • Understand common co-occurring diagnoses (or risks/symptoms thereof), such as depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder

Clinical Modalities

Our staff uses a variety of clinical modalities to treat trauma, such as internal family systems theory, acceptance and commitment therapy, narrative therapy, psychodrama, mindfulness, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Recommended Reading

  • The Betrayal Bond: Breaking Free of Exploitative Relationships by Patrick Carnes
  • Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman, M.D.

Trauma Treatment at Magnolia Creek

If you need help recovering from a traumatic experience, turn to trauma treatment Birmingham Alabama residents trust. Call Magnolia Creek at 866-318-2329 or e-mail us at info@magnolia-creek.com.