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Affordable Eating Disorder Treatment

Our compassionate admissions team at Magnolia Creek can help walk you through your options for paying for treatment. We are in-network with many payers.

Magnolia Creek offers the highest quality care at one of the most affordable rates in the country. Intake Coordinators are available to answer financial questions, check insurance benefits, and coordinate all insurance pre-authorizations and case reviews. Magnolia Creek accepts most major medical/behavioral health insurances; treatment rates vary based on the level of care. Currently, Magnolia Creek is in-network with BlueCross BlueShield, Human, Aetna, and Cigna. Magnolia Creek also offers reduced daily rates to clients paying privately. The daily rate for residential treatment includes all clinical, educational, psychiatric, and behavioral resources as well as nursing services on a 24-hour, 7 day a week basis. The daily rate also includes all meals and housing. Intake Coordinators can be reached at 205-409-4220 or by email.

Notes About Insurance

  • Of course, each individual insurance plan is different. It is important for you to verify your benefits with your insurance provider prior to treatment. Click here to fill out the verification form to have Magnolia Creek verify your insurance benefits.
  • Magnolia Creek will estimate length of stay based on the clinical needs. Insurance providers will typically authorize payments in 5-7 day increments, starting with your first day on campus.
  • An insurance provider may decide to discontinue paying for eating disorder treatment based on their specific medical necessity guidelines and screening process. If this should happen, Magnolia Creek will then notify the client in a timely manner and inform her of her options, which can include appealing the decision or helping her find the appropriate treatment program for the level of care the insurance provider recommends.

Don’t let the stresses paying for treatment keep you from seeking help. Reach out to Magnolia Creek today at 205-409-4220 for more information on paying for eating disorder treatment. We have helped many overcome obstacles so they could start recovery.

We are here to help you. Contact Us @ 205-409-4220 or send us an email.

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