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How Do I Help My Family Member Get Treatment?

Family members, as well as potential clients, can obtain more information regarding our program or other recovery resources by contacting a member of our intake department. Magnolia Creek offers complimentary clinical and dietetic consultations and tours of our facility for potential clients or family members. We also offer a variety of family treatment resources.

Some of our suggestions for helping a loved one get treatment include the following:
Educate yourself about eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions as well as treatment options

  • Educate yourself about eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions as well as treatment options
  • Model self-care and healthy relationships with food, body, and exercise
  • Remind your loved one that you want what is best for her
  • Present as non-judgemental; ask you how you can help
  • Suggest professional help in a gentle way; present as a calm, united front or family system
  • Search for specialized treatment providers
  • Don’t attempt to provide help that you are unqualified to give
  • Expect resistance to treatment and/or denial of the problem from your loved one
  • Contact a professional interventionist or treatment provider who can support your family
  • Don’t threaten your loved one or set boundaries that you can’t enforce
  • Call 911 if you believe your loved one’s condition is life-threatening
  • Visit Our Resources & Education Page

Family Treatment Resources at Magnolia Creek

While your loved one is in treatment, they will have the opportunity to participate in our family therapy program. Whether over-the-phone or in person, family therapy sessions help educate the entire family about their loved one’s struggles. These sessions also help strengthen lines of communication between family members. Getting family involved in treatment consistently results in better outcomes. For this reason, we also host a 3-day Family Workshop. This structured workshop features family therapy sessions, interactive groups, and education on a variety of topics. Both family members and clients have homework they must complete each evening.

If Magnolia Creek sounds like the kind of help your loved one needs, give us a call. Our friendly admissions staff is always ready to answer any questions you may have. Call us today at 205-614-3743.

We are here to help you. Contact Us @ 205.614.3743 or send us an email.

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