Testimonials from Former Magnolia Creek Clients

“They really change my life love the staff and treatment team and love marks cooking y’all will be missed ( melissa elrod)” – Former Magnolia Creek Client

“I landed at Magnolia Creek after many decades of grief and trauma. I felt alone, hopeless, angry, I felt like I had no purpose or reason to live any longer. I graduated Magnolia Creek with a fire to share the kind of grace, love and acceptance that I found for myself with other people. I am obsessively grateful for my treatment team and the patience of the Magnolia Creek staff. There are no words I can say to ever thank them enough for giving me my life and desire to live which was exemplified through all of Magnolia Creek in compassion, perseverance, and heart of service that went above and beyond. Staff Leadership (Val) had quiet courage with confidence as she served behind the scenes doing the most mundane of task from folding someone laundry for them to sweeping and ministry at the same time. Staff knew when to stand just to be present and not say a word only to let you know you were being supported. Staff recognized trauma triggers and didn’t embarrass yet calmed the environment speedily. Staff would take one at a time if needed being quietly supportive to outside meetings. I felt “finally” felt completely safe. I finally began to truly open up after 50 years. It was at Magnolia Creek I learned to trust humans. I learned to be brave, vulnerable and scared at the same time and realized that even in the bad days I am still growing because I am making progress. (Sister) I am a whole person now with a new beginning because of Magnolia Creek. Trust them give it your all because they got you.” – Former Magnolia Creek Client

“10/10 isn’t enough to qualify the treatment I received at the Creek, a positive atmosphere all day long and every person in the facility giving you support and good wishes, the counselors are the best you can find and the staff members where people that solved any question you had. A great team of work which made my recovery possible.”- Former Magnolia Creek Client

“Magnolia Creek has saved my life. It is an incredible facility that brings care to the client as a whole. You are NOT just a number here and it is THE BEST care I have ever received in my life, and I’ve been in a lot of treatment. I would suggest Magnolia Creek to anyone who is struggling with an ED or any other mental health issues!” – Former Magnolia Creek Client

“Before entering Magnolia Creek, I felt like there wasn’t much future or hope for my life. Magnolia Creek taught and gave me tools so I can function and get my life back…They believed in me, and I learned to believe in myself.” – Former Magnolia Creek Client

“The staff counselors and nurses are amazing!!! Don’t let them go.” – Former Magnolia Creek Client

“You making this program has saved my life. My gratitude knows no bounds. Thank you for believing in me! – Former Magnolia Creek Client

“I never felt as much support at a treatment center as I did at Magnolia Creek…when I wanted to give up on myself, the staff didn’t!” – Former Magnolia Creek Client

“Magnolia Creek is an answered prayer to so many women like me”. – Former Magnolia Creek Client

“Everyone was so helpful and thoughtful. I really learned a lot while I was there about nutrition and my body as a whole, physically and spiritually.” – Former Magnolia Creek Client

“Thank you for your hard work and dedication to help all these women here overcome their battle with ED. Each one of you has made (my) stay very comfortable and the recovery process meaningful.” – Former Magnolia Creek Client

“How do you thank someone who has given you their life back? I can’t even put into words how much you all mean to me. Magnolia Creek was a gift from God!“ – Former Magnolia Creek Client

“Just wanted to let you know that everything’s going great, and I’m not letting myself disappear. (My living situation) is ideal and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for helping me learn to love life.” – Former Magnolia Creek Client

Testimonials from Family of Former Clients

“Magnolia Creek is an exceptional treatment facility with knowledgeable and compassionate staff. My daughter has been fighting an eating disorder and other addictions for years and Magnolia Creek is the first hospital that allowed for her to truly heal, change and grow into the amazing young women that we knew she could be. Our family was included in treatment and we were given the tools and education that we were lacking and taught the best ways to support our daughter in her recovery. The admissions team was amazing and the clinical director was nothing short of a miracle for us. We have been so blessed to have found this wonderful facility and will be forever thankful for saving our daughter’s life.“ – Family of Former Client

“My daughter suffered a lot from an eating disorder disease. We watched her suffer a long time as we felt helpless until we found about this place and decided to send her there. When she completed the treatment, she was happier than ever and so are we. We’re forever grateful to this institute.“ – Family of Former Client

“Thank you Magnolia Creek! My Daughter had another episode until she decided to get treatment. She is now stable thanks to the help and guidance obtained during Magnolia. Friendly staff and good amenities as well.“ – Family of Former Client

“Magnolia Creek is a center that I would highly recommend. My daughter became anorexic at the age of 17 and then two years later she became bulimic for 15 years. Magnolia Creek gave our family back our daughter. They literally saved her life. The treatment and counseling she received helped her climb out of the darkness she was so wrapped up in. It has been 11 months since she entered Magnolia Creek and 7 months since she left. She has put in all the work and effort to focus on a healthy lifestyle, and I don’t know what our family would have done without Magnolia Creek. I am forever grateful to all the staff; she has lifelong friends that she made at Magnolia Creek that she calls her sisters. Anyone struggling with an eating disorder should call Magnolia Creek!“ – Family of Former Client

“You are changing people’s lives. There is no greater thing than what you all are doing…Thank you for treating [our daughter] with respect and helping her recover herself back. What a gift you have given to us. We can never say thank you enough.” – Family of Former Client

“Everyone did a remarkable job. [My wife] has really done great since she has been home.” – Family of Former Client

“Please know that we appreciate all that you and the staff have done for [our daughter]!! We couldn’t have asked for better care for her…we feel very lucky she had this experience.” – Family of Former Client

“We are very pleased and impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of the staff – a very compassionate, warm, caring group. The setting couldn’t be better – a tranquil, soothing environment, perfectly suited to healing.” – Family of Former Client

“Our family is truly blessed by what you are doing at Magnolia Creek. Words cannot express how much we appreciate the entire staff.” – Family of Former Client

Hope and Healing at Magnolia Creek

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